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If you are in need of a life long lasting barn or loafing shed, this is where you get it. We know barns! And you can be certain that we can provide you with a building that will serve the exact purpose you need it for. We specialize in standard and custom barns and loafing sheds that are tailor-made for your horses or whatever you need it for. With our barns, you can be sure your animals are safe, while you focus on more important things.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Prices vary by state and are now due to new engineering standards taking all of our buildings from a standard 20psf/110mph rated building to a 30psf/140mph rated “certified” building our pricing will increase from $200-$500 across the board. We will only sell “certified” buildings at Buildings4Less. But that’s a small amount to get a better-engineered building and we are very excited bout this change! This takes effect on Feb 27th, 2017. We are working on replacing pictures throughout our site.

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Standard Custom Metal Barns

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Custom Barns


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