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jay Dyress

Jay Dyess

Currently we are a Top 5 dealer in the nation but our goal is to be the #1 dealer in the nation in the coming years. And, if the last 6 years (of our 15 years in business) of our growth is any indication of where we are heading, we will get there. With better and better trained consultants proving better and better customer service.
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Teresa Dyess

Teresa Dyess is from Haughton Louisiana and graduate from Haughton High School in 1994. She loves going to the movies (when that was actually possible), out to eat dinner and spending time with family and friends.
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Danielle Potter

Danielle Potter

General Sales Manager
Danielle joined Buildings4Less about 6 years ago. She started as our first online salesperson when we opened our first small Buildings4Less office in Ore City, Texas. We spent our 1st two years at that location until we outgrew it quickly and opened a larger office in Longview. During this first 6 year growth period we also opened a large portable building store in Marshall Texas. Apex Custom Structures is our portable building business. Danielle is from Colorado originally but has been converted into a Texan. She enjoys spending time with her family when she is not at work. She controls everything at Buildings4Less, handles most of the training and still finds time to talk to many potential customers herself. But, her primary role as GSM is to make sure that the Buildings4Less standards & practices stay and remain at a high level. She also handles most of any service issues.
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CALL DANIELLE: 877-411-8610 EXT 701
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Matt Wilkins

Senior Building Consultant
My name is Matt Wilkins. I was Born and raised in Texas but love to travel. I have a family that I love to spend time with when I am not working. I believe my biggest critic and competition is myself. I’m always looking to learn something new and get better and better at my job. My favorite quote is by Frank Sinatra, “the best revenge is massive success.”
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Bill C Dyess

Building Consultant
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CALL BILL: 877-411-8610 EXT 705
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Julie Brown

Senior Building Consultant
My name is Julie and I am a sales consultant at Buildings4Less. I’ve been working in the sales industry almost ten years. Developing strong relationships is the foundation of everything I do, both professionally and personally. I love what I do because I enjoy helping people find not only what works best for their lifestyle but also what is best for their budget. Customer service goes beyond just sitting down and talking with someone. It is giving them the experience you would want when making a purchase. It’s talking with a friend, not a stranger. My goal is to make sure when the conversation is over, whoever I am speaking with knows how valued and appreciated their time is to me. I am originally from Louisiana but have claimed Texas as my home for the majority of my life. I am married and have recently become a mother. I enjoy reading, games and travel. When not working, I can always be found doing something that enriches me and allows me to better myself.
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CALL JULIE: 877-411-8610 EXT 707
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Shasta Hickman

Building Consultant
My name is Shasta. I was raised in a little town called Ore City, Texas. I have 3 beautiful boys ages 7,5 and 4 with a wonderful Fiancé. I love what I do because I love helping people put their perfect building together. Plus, I enjoy building the 3D designs we provide with our quotes to our customers. I have learned a ton about computers working for Buildings4Less and I continue to learn more and more everyday. And, since computers are the future it’s like free school with our computer training. When dealing with my customers its not just about having a good attitude, its about exceeding their expectations and I use that at work every day and have applied that to my personal life, as well. And it has made me a better person. When I am not working I am usually hanging out with my fantastic neighbors, together with all the kids between all of us there is never a dull moment.
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CALL SHASTA: 877-411-8610 EXT 709
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Cameron Patrick

Building Consultant
My name is Cameron Patrick. In my 20’s I tried applying for NASA, but for some reason they just would never call me back.. So, naturally I went after the next best thing, Buildings4less! I love working here because I get to meet many different unique people as well as quite a few interesting and I love helping my customers come up with custom designs on their buildings using our 3D design program. Not only do I enjoy the task, but I enjoy the working environment. From awesome coworkers with beautiful results. It is always a pleasure to play my part in this wonderful flourishing company that Jay and Teresa completely started from the ground up turning it into a Top 5 Nationwide dealer.
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CALL CAMERON: 877-411-8610 EXT 704

Dodie Welborn

Building Consultant
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Starla Garcia

Building Consultant
Hello, my name is Starla Garcia. I am 28 years old and am excited to be working for an excellent company. I live in Longview Texas, but originally from Carthage Texas. I am a fulltime mom to three awesome young boys. They are the center of my life and have taught me that life should be filled with never ending fun including but not limited to dirt, hot wheels, no shoes and underwear on their head. My current professional skills include, customer service, small business entrepreneurship, volunteer firefighter, Independent contracting and service delivery. My most rewarding skill being to help others. I feel customer service is the key to my success, with a high level of communication skills. When I came on board with with Buildings4Less, I knew I could make a difference. My abilities to succeed in the sales field are important to my growth as a person and a professional. With this in mind, at Buildings4Less, my objective and ultimate goal is to assure you, the customer, that I will make a point to be THE contact you can count on and help you find your perfect building. I love helping my customers design their dream building. I am excited to be apart of Buildings4Less and to be a crucial part of the success and growth of this great company.
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Call Starla: 877-411-8610 Ext 708